I Still Can't Assist With Them (1999)

Your story brings my job to mind. I work as an RN in an OB unit and probably 99% of all newborns are circumcised. Now mind you I've been a nurse for 15 years and still can't stand to assist in or even watch them!! Now we do have some pediatricians that can give a pretty slick local anesthetic and the newborns sometimes just sleep on the circ board but the majority of them just scream. We also have 1 or 2 docs that still don't use local anesthetics and literally makes me nauseated imagining the kind of pain these poor helpless newborns must be in!!! I would love to strap these docs in an oversized circumstraint and stick their penises in a meat grinder and see how they feel!!!!!!!!!!!! One effect that I've really noticed after circs is the almost state of shock that these little ones go into, they're very sleepy and won't eat, and cry their little eyes out when you change that vaseline gauze for the first time.

--Mum of Many

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