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"24-07-01 RE: does anyone keep babies npo prior to circumcision? Melinda.

Diane, I don't know of any studies on this, but we require NPO for 2 hours prior to circs to reduce the risk of aspiration if the infant should vomit from stress. Hope this helps!"

Melinda Porter, RN
Neonatal Outreach Educator
UCSF Medical Center
San Francisco, CA

"From a nurse who has seen many circumcisions, IF you want to have your son circumcised at LEAST, know who is doing the circumcision. I work in a teaching hospital and have seen many circs done by residents who were doing their FIRST. Would you want to leave your sons penis in THOSE hands?

"I can't stomach assisting in any and don't work in an area where I have to anymore. The pain these babies go through is incredible.

"We did not circumcise Cody (4). My pediatrician did not circ her two sons. The older decided he did want to be circ'd at age 15. How nice that is was HIS decision!" --Lori

"I just wanted to say that if anyone chooses circumcision for their son, (or sons to come) just make it an informed choice that you research [the subject for] yourself. I had my son circumcised beacuse I did not know at 20 yrs. old that there was a choice not too. A year after that, I was working in a hospital as a phlebotomist (taking blood), and there was a baby getting circumcised while I was in the nursery...I will never forget the blood curdling screams..it broke my heart to think I let them do that to my son, and that they told me it would not really hurt him. Believe me: It hurt that baby! You don't mistake that kind of cry. I had to take blood from babies all the time and sometimes had to do 2 heel sticks and they never cried anything that compared to that. It was horrible!" --Karron