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Methods of Circumcision

General Circumcision Description NOTE: This page takes a minute to load.

Sterile drapes, gauze; hemostats, scissors, tweezers and probe; various instruments in circumcision kit, including scalpel and Mogen Clamp

More Detailed Descriptions by Method:


From literature on the GOMCO Clamp:

Gomco clamp (TM) A device invented in 1934 by Hiram S. ("Inch") Yellen, M.D. and Aaron A. Goldstein (and reportedly based on the tyre-lever used for Model T Fords, according to Julian Wan's worshipful history of the device). It consists of a metal bell and a flat plate with a hole in it placed over both, to define the position. They are brought together by a screw to apply circular crushing and fusing force (of 8000 to 20,000 pounds, according to Wan.) (from GOldstein Manufacturing COmpany, later Gomco Surgical Manufacturing Co.)

A Professional Photographer Documents his Son's Gomco Circumcision

Explaination of Gomco Clamp's "anatomy" with photos

Gomco Clamp - Very good, yet simple.

Gomco Clamp Directions with drawings

Another Gomco Explaination with drawings

The Gomco Clamp Method

The GOMCO Clamp method in several photographs


Plastibell method in drawings

Plastibell method in drawings - another set


The Plastibell Method

The different handle types denote the various size of each Plastibell.

Mogen Clamp

Video of a Bris using the Mogen Clamp

Mogen Clamp

The Mogen Clamp Method


Tara Klamp


Combines aspects of Gomco and Plastibel methods. Plastic and disposable. Somewhat like the Tara Klamp. Webpage also includes an instructional video, pamphlet, and insert instructions.



"Sleeve Resection"/"Guillotine" Circ


Circumcision Videos

Instruments and Restraints

Olympic Medical's Circumstraint

From the Olympic Medica's literature on the Circumstraint:

Infant Immobilizer Circumstraint. Fast immobilization of newborns 4-16 lbs. Use during circumcision, transfusion, minor surgery, x-ray. Complete with four adjustable Velcro straps for securing arms and legs. Catalog No. 50100....$169.50

"In less than 30 seconds, a nurse can immobilize the struggling infant securely in the correct position with Circumstraint. It works on a proven principle of positive 4-point restraint. Soft wide Velcro straps encircle the infants elbows and knees, depriving him/her of leverage. "

"Circumstraint's comfortable contoured shape positions the infant, hips elevated, perfectly presenting the genitalia."

"He's held safely and securely without danger of escape."

"Always a fast, easy means of immobilizing newborns for circumcision..."

Stang Circumcision Chair

"This light weight chair positions the infant comfortably while providing surgical access the the operative site."

"Newborn pain management is an issue of concern to many health care professionals today."

"Any physician or nurse who has attempted to extend the arms and legs of a term neonate to strap him into a rigid restraint, realizes the resistance to extension that all neonates possess. Positioning of the baby in the Circ Chair allows the infant to sit with his hips abducted and flexed, knees flexed, and head elevated at various positions up to 30-45 degrees. Soft velcro straps adjust to the baby's size. The instrument platform is designed to accommodate commonly used circumcision clamps."

Circumcision Instruments and Restraints