Drawings of the Plastibell method

Figure a. Foreskin is pulled open with clamps and a probe is inserted to tear the foreskin off the penile head

Figure b. "Dorsal crush" is made to prevent bleeding, then cut. String placed around penis for later

Figure c. Foreskin is laid back; glans is now exposed

Figure d. Plastibell and String

Figure e. Plastibell is inserted over glans and the foreskin is pull forward again, over the bell

Figure f. Clamp is placed to hold foreskin to Plastibell handle, to keep the Plastibell in place. (Note the dorsal slit.)

Figure g. String is tied in the Plastibell's groove and foreskin is cut off with scissors

Figure h. Plastibell's handle is snapped off. This completes the procedure. In about 5 days, the remaining foreskin front of string will die, allowing the bell to come off the penis, completing the circumcision.

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