I Almost Cried at School Today! (3/23/99)

I have never been to this board before, but after what I saw today, I had to share.

First of all, I have a 2 y/o boy who is not circumsized, simply because DH is not either. It was never an issue for us and I never really thought about the procedure itself.

I am in nursing school and I am doing my maternity/newborn rotation. I walked into the nursery to hear a baby SCREAMING. I have never heard a baby scream that loud. I went to pick him up and the nurse told me that he had just been circ'd. I asked if the dr. used pain medication and she said yes! This baby was screaming so loud and he had been given meds!

I was curious to actually see his penis, because I have only seen healed ones so I offered to check the site and change the dressing. I took off that gauze and I wanted to cry! He screamed even louder and his penis was purple and looked disfigured. (A big vein was throbbing on the side.)

The only thing I could think of was that this was NOT something that I would do to my son intentionally. I feel his pain whenever he has gets hurt and I could not imagine letting someone perform a procedure that cuts off a part of his body on his second day in this world.

I guess, to each his own, but after witnessing what I saw today I had to share my opinion.


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