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From The End of Circumcision In America, by George C. Denniston:

Why has this behavior continued in the face of overwhelming evidence that circumcision violates a basic human right - the right to an intact body? In order for a doctor to stop circumcising babies, he or she must take a courageous step.

The doctor must recognise that what has been done in the past was not in the best interest of the infant, and he must say, "I will not circumcise any more babies." Many doctors have already taken that step, and we honor them. Those who lack the courage to change continue to circumcise.

Many victims of circumcision have moved past denial, and have refused to permit this procedure to be done to their sons. Over the past 25 years, some 60 million American parents have had the courage to refuse circumcision for their sons.

About the Authors:

Geoge C. Denniston, M.D., M.P.H. is the founder and President of Doctors Opposing Circumcision. Doctors Opposing Circumcision is an organization of physicians, and others who are opposed to routine neonatal circumcision. D.O.C. has members in 50 States, 12 Canadian Provinces and Territories, and in nations on six continents. These doctors recognize that no one has the right to forcibly remove sexual body parts from another individual. They also believe that doctors should have no role in this painful, unnecessary procedure inflicted on the newborn.

Thomas J. Ritter, George C. Denniston * Paperback: 96 pages * Publisher: Third Millennium Publishing Company* ISBN: 0971187800* Pub. Date: August 8, 2001

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