They Do Indeed Feel Pain! (1999)

"I can tell you, after assisting in countless circs., they do indeed feel pain! We had one recently who had to be rushed to the hospital because of massive blood loss. I assisted in one the other day and as I was stroking his cheek and head, the doctor clamped a hemostat on and the baby let out a blood curdling scream and went into convulsing sobs. He had been fine the moment before but his pain was obvious when the cutting/clamping was being done.

"Anyone who has ever seen one and can then have it done to their own baby is heartless, in my opinion. My husband is circed and I had to fight long and hard with him not to have my son circed but I won. The major influencing factor came from our own ped., who my husband's mother was talking to at a dinner party and he said that he would be glad to do it for us but that it was a totally unneccesary procedure. My mother-in-law was surprised to hear this, since she stated that she had her two boys done because back then she thought it was "the law". Ha ha! I believe that it's an uniformed decision made by parents who are just following the old traditions without questioning why.

"We don't allow the parents to stay during the circ. I wonder why? (Sarcasm intended). I once assisted with a doctor who was joking around and held the foreskin up as an earring and said he should make them into jewelry and sell them!"-- Patti

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