"Pain Relief? Not!" (11/1999)

I challenge all Moms and Dads of infant boys to advocate for pain relief for your son while he undergoes circumcision (if you are choosing that). Better yet go in and witness the circ. I really feel if parents knew what their son went through, his foreskin being cut off without pain relief of any kind (in most cases but not all) there would be an uproar of advocacy for infant males. They are strapped down to a board with restraints and have it removed off with nothing to relieve pain. Ask your OB or pediatrician what they use for pain relief. Don't let them tell you babies don't feel pain, they do, the same as you and I. As someone mentioned on another board, we would not tolerate a vet doing a similar procedure on an animal without adequate pain relief yet it is done to babies every day. Please support your baby boy and demand pain relief.

Nothing will change until parents have the guts to go into that procedure room and see what is done to their infants. I am a nurse and am always calming down these poor babies before bringing them back to an upset Mom, but truth be told Moms and Dads need to know how painful it really is and how hard these poor little guys cry and struggle to get out of the restraints. I am always shocked when a parent asks "How did he make it? Did he cry?" As if taking a blade to his penis wouldn't hurt. Ask before the baby undergoes the procedure, asking after is too late. There are pain relief options available.

It's almost the year 2000, time for this barbaric procedure to change.

Tarry, RN

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