I Believe it is a Choice For Them to Make Themselves
by Melissa (2002)

I have twin sons, both still have their foreskins. They are only 16 months old. They are not identical, and neither are their penises. One is noticibly larger than the other, yet the smaller of the two is still within normal limits (and believe me, as a nursery/NICU nurse who has diapered thousands of little boys, I should know!) The one with the larger organ has 'discovered' it to some degree and touches it during diaper changes, etc. The other couldn't care less, but it fits his personality, too.

By leaving their foreskins alone, I have given them the best chance for a normal size penis and proper gorwth and health of their genitals. We have had no problems or infections at all.

Boy, could I tell you some horror stories about circs! I have seen boys with micro-penises circ'd anyway - poor chidlren! Now they will never have even a small chance to grow!!! I've heard of (luckily it didn't happen on my watch) nurses using too much epinephrine to control bleeding after circs and causing the boy's penis to actually die and fall off! It's rare, but it happens. I've heard of babies needing blood transfusions for post-circ bleeding. I chose not to risk that with my sons. I believe it is a choice for them to make themselves.


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